Updates and Announcements!

Hi everybody!

It’s been kind of quiet around here for a couple of weeks. I was doing pretty good about getting a post a week up, but then it kind of fell off. However, fear not, brave readers! Tomorrow morning we resume with a brand new really real post all about families and feelings and terms and such. After that, look for a post approximately every Friday. I’ll do my very best to keep up.


So that’s tomorrow. Today, we’re doing announcements!

First, I am excited to announce that I have my very first piece up over at Ravishly! It’s all about the things that I learned about myself from the hell that was the last year. You should go read it now! Here’s an excerpt:

Now, I have rode a horse exactly once in my memory, and it did not go well. I really don’t feel like I need to relive that embarrassment, actually. For me it wasn’t really about an actual equestrian interest, the horse was just a symbol. I wanted to be a strong and capable pregnant woman, taking the world by storm, possibly while on horseback.

Second, I’m working as a features writer over at Romper.com! I don’t have any pieces up on the site quite yet, but I will very soon, so look for me there. I may share a few here from time to time that I think are of particular interest to the post nuclear among us.

Third, and this might seem boring, but I want to draw your attention to the Standards and Policies tab at the top of the page here. We don’t get a ton of comments here on Post Nuclear Era, but they do trickle in from time to time, and I want everyone to know that this is a moderated comment space. I’ll probably flesh out a more detailed comment policy at some point, but for now just know that I reserve the right to delete any comment I think is jerky or mean or that I just don’t like, and that’s not in violation of the first amendment because I am actually not the government.

Ok, happy Thursday!


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