Links For January Eleventh

Hello! From time to time I am doing short link posts to share things elsewhere on the wide, expansive, internet that I think Post Nuclear readers may find of interest. This includes writing by myself, and others. Here you go!


First, so I don’t look like a totally selfish jerk, stuff by other humans out there.

Brace Yourselves, Grammar Sticklers: Singular “They” Is The Word Of The Year

The Word of the Year is meant to encapsulate the most significant word or term of the year and it has often carried social or political significance. Last year, for instance, the linguists chose #blacklivesmatter, and in 2011, they chose “occupy,” in reference to Occupy Wall Street.

This is of particular importance to me right now, as “they” is the preferred pronoun of so many people that I love.


Musings of a very tired, still pregnant, scientist

The problem is that we’re stuck in a system with terrible parental leave policies. So, while I hope that I am an understanding mentor when it comes to arranging leave for people in my lab, I also am constrained in what I can do (given university policies, grant policies, etc.). But there are still things I can do. For example, I can try to arrange things so that there’s more analysis or writing (e.g., working on a review) around a woman’s due date, so that at least she can work flexible hours and not have to be in the lab at a particular time. But that still feels like a pretty inadequate solution.

Now that I’m full time parenting, rather than full time gestating, I haven’t been writing much about pregnancy. These are some really good thoughts on what pregnant and birth giving people are expected to endure for work, and how it’s a god damn problem.


When Forgiveness Isn’t a Virtue

Instead of focusing on healing and comfort, many survivors find themselves obsessing with forgiveness, trying to will away their trauma in order to “move on.” When they can’t do this, not only are they judged by those closest to them, they judge themselves as weak and trapped. The shame of being unable to forgive compounds the pain of the original hurt.

Honestly, it was impossible to choose a quote for this one. The whole piece is solid gold and if you’ve ever known a survivor of any kind of abuse (spoiler: you have, you do, trust me) than you should read the whole thing immediately.


…and for something a bit lighter…

Why More Women Are Choosing To Have Waterslide Births

Waterslide births give mothers control over their environment. Women can choose the slide to fit their specifications, depending on how fast they want to go and how many twists and turns they want to slide through while giving birth. Women who wish to maintain modesty can choose a closed tube for their slide.

An oldie but a goodie! Obvious satire (gods, I hope it’s obvious!) from Clickhole, this piece showed up in my life again this week and it is so much funnier to me now that I write for women’s sites and parenting sites. Yes, this is exactly what we sound like.


And now, a couple of things by me out there!

I Made 3 DIY Lactation Smoothies & Here’s What Happened

This was a really bad idea. I did it so you don’t have to.


No, My Child Will Not Be Going To The Zoo

I wrote about my extremely icky feelings about zoos, and how that relates to my parenting choices (yeah, not taking the kid to the damn zoo). Interestingly, this has been my first piece to get “a reaction.” People seem to mostly be reacting in one of two ways:

  1. “You obviously don’t know that zoos are better than they used to be (even though the piece clearly states that I *do* know that) and probably get all your information from PETA pamphlets from 1970.”
  2. “Cool article, but you should be vegan otherwise you are the worst.”



What David Bowie’s Career Meant To the Queer Community, Or At Least What It Meant To Me

because David Bowie died this morning, and I had feelings about it.


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