Temporarily Going Dark

Hello, beautiful and wonderful readers! I hope the day finds you well. I’m here to give you some news about life in my tiny corner of the world.

Namely, we’re moving again.

Which, I probably don’t have to tell you (especially those of you who are parents) is an utterly overwhelming proposition. The new space is lovely and I think will be a wonderful home for us, possibly better than we’ve had in a very long time, but that doesn’t make this easy. We have less than a month to pack up our entire little lives again for the third time since W was born, and the wifespouse and I are both working a ton and W is an active and healthy eleven month old child AKA HE IS INTO EVERYTHING. To make matters more complicated, we’ve basically been forced to break our lease at our current place (something I never ever thought I would do because I’m a “if you say you’re going to do something, do it, kind of girl) so things are super weird and overwhelming. At the same time as all of that, W is turning one, which is exciting and amazing and incredible and I have somehow decided to throw him a birthday party even though I have no time at all. And even though I’m thrilled to watch my baby grow, it turns out that the anniversary of his birth is also the anniversary of that time I was in labor for a week and it’s really aggravating my PTSD making even baseline functioning harder.

Which is a problem, because as noted above, I need to do much more than baseline function right now.

What I’m telling you, with all of those messy personal details, is that I won’t be blogging for the next month unless I have something terribly urgent to share. I hate it, I have a backlog of ideas for this space, but it has to happen. I’ve done the math, and the math says that something has to come off my weekly to-do list. It can’t be work (capitalism will not allow for it) and it can’t be changing diapers, so it’s gotta be this.

I’m giving everyone a heads up so that you know what to expect, and so that you don’t think that I’ve abandoned ship or moved to greener pastures (or whatever other metaphor makes more sense, I’m tired). This is a short and necessary hiatus. Think of it like a maternity leave!

I’ll see you all on June 1oth. And I’ll miss you.