I don’t do this a whole lot, but after my most recent post, the internet machine tells me I have quite a few more followers on this little old blog than I did previously. So hi, hello there, welcome. Pull up a chair!

I’m Katherine, and I’m a weird queer lady who some people say over thinks everything. But I think I think just enough. My interests include hating capitalism and loving cats. I have an about page if you need more vital information such as my cats’ middle names.


I’m also a writer and artist trying desperately to make a living and support my little family. This blog does not pay. And most outlets that do pay for parenting related content are only interested in queer related content in a very limited capacity, and pay very low. Because of this, I now have a Patreon page, where readers can sign up to support my work. If you are able to support this blog financially, and you believe that I’m adding something valuable to the conversations around families and parenting, I am asking you to please consider it.

I’m glad you’re here, and I hope you enjoy.


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