So, look, I had London Calling stuck in my head, ok?

If the nuclear era created the nuclear family – the standard family that we sometimes call “the traditional family” – then the post nuclear era is about seeing past that. It’s about rejecting those standards, and all models for living which rest upon ideals we do not hold. What happens after your entire culture decides to define something as intimate and magical as family in patriarchal, capitalistic, heteronormative terms? What happens next? What happens if you don’t fit into that?

This is a blog about the next parts. This is a blog about trying to make family in a different image. This is a blog about queer parenting, queer family, queer life, and the ways that we desperately – and sometimes beautifully – try to live our ideals in this incomplete revolution.


About Katherine DM Clover

I’m the person who writes the words on this blog! I’m also a white, temporarily able-bodied, cisgender, working class, radical, queer woman and mama. I’m married to another female type person, and together we have one beautiful and and incredible child. We also have three cats. We are trying to live our ideals and also make it through the day.

I’m also a fine artist (painting, mostly) and occasionally a lay-preacher (of the interfaith, slightly Unitarian Universalist, variety). You can also find other things I have written – some about family and mama-ing but also other things – elsewhere on the internet. I contribute with some frequency at Romper.com and Ravishly.com and am also proud to have written for Muthamagazine.com on several wonderful occasions.


You can follow the blog and it’s writer on Twitter and Facebook.


About the cats

I tend not to include many pictures of my human family in blog posts here, but you will find photographs of our beautiful cats. They are all three of them wonderful people we are lucky to share our lives with. They are:

Jonah Emerson Maurer Clover

Blanche Lucille Maurer Clover


Margot Cocoa Maurer Clover


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