Here is a list, in no particular order, of blogs and such that I read (some regularly, some irregularly) that I think are related to the content you see here and/or of interest to folks who find my writing interesting.

Offbeat Families – This site (part of offbeat empire) is unfortunately no longer being updated. BUT! They’ve kept all of their archives up, and it’s full of info about parenting and family making outside of the mainstream, including many many posts by and about queers. They still have an active facebook page, where they pop up to remind you of great posts you might have otherwise missed.

This Queer Familia – This is a simple personal blog about raising up a queer, bilingual, multicultural family. The writing is beautiful, and it’s also one of the few “gay mama blogs” I’ve found written by a non-bio mom.

Feminist Pigs – This blog is updated very infrequently, but it’s a real gem. I find Jane’s voice and perspective to both be wonderful, and her several posts on queer parenting (that’s parenting in a queer way, not just parenting for queers!) are definitely worth several reads.

Let’s Queer Things Up! – Sam Dylan Finch writes about queer issues, trans issues, and mental health issues. You will like it.

Love, Joy, Feminism – Libby Anne blogs a lot about her childhood in the Christian homeschooling/Quiverfull/Christian Patriarchy subcultures, as well as advocating for the rights of homeschool children. She also blogs about her own experiences parenting two small children, and implementing some of the ideas of positive parenting.

Mommy Man – Jerry Mahoney is a fairly mainstream gay stay at home dad, with adorable twins who are now like, five or something (time flies!). He writes about parenting as a gay dad, tells cute stories about his kids, and recently put out a book with the same name as his blog.

Fat and Proud: A New Mom’s Blog – This blog is brand new (as of Jan 2015) but is definitely one I will be following. Ravin is a fat, queer, disabled, intersectional feminist, and (like the blog title says) a new mom! I can’t wait to read more of what she has to say. I found out about this one through Virgie Tovar, who you should also be reading omg.

Pregnant Chicken – While often painfully heteronormative (I’ve found most pregnancy sites are, sadly) pregnant chicken is at least sometimes humorous and sarcastic. They also have a pregnancy calender that I’ve found to be a refreshing alternative to sites like The Bump, that even makes fun of that whole “measuring fetuses in fruits” thing.

Birth Without Fear – Again with the heteronormativity (although they do occasionally mention that non-straight folks can and do have children). But! Birth Without Fear offers empowering support for all birth choices and needs, including home births, hospital births, caesarians, etc. Tons of birth stories and pictures.

Sweet Juniper – This straight stay at home dad goes on adventures with his two kids around the city of Detroit. Worth checking out just to see some of the wicked cool costumes he has made for his children. Seriously.

Mutha Magazine – Queer superhero Michelle Tea made an online parenting magazine! It is so good, it is full of all kinds of stuff! Also, I have written for it here and here.

The Toast – C’mon, why aren’t you reading the toast? No excuses!


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