I don’t do this a whole lot, but after my most recent post, the internet machine tells me I have quite a few more followers on this little old blog than I did previously. So hi, hello there, welcome. Pull up a chair!

I’m Katherine, and I’m a weird queer lady who some people say over thinks everything. But I think I think just enough. My interests include hating capitalism and loving cats. I have an about page if you need more vital information such as my cats’ middle names.


I’m also a writer and artist trying desperately to make a living and support my little family. This blog does not pay. And most outlets that do pay for parenting related content are only interested in queer related content in a very limited capacity, and pay very low. Because of this, I now have a Patreon page, where readers can sign up to support my work. If you are able to support this blog financially, and you believe that I’m adding something valuable to the conversations around families and parenting, I am asking you to please consider it.

I’m glad you’re here, and I hope you enjoy.


Thursday Links: I Write For The Internet!

Hello everyone! So I’ve been working my butt off to not miss Friday posts around here, but last Friday fell through the cracks. I had something in the works, and then it just didn’t happen on Friday. And then it didn’t happen on Saturday. And then it didn’t happen on Sunday. By Monday it felt more like “better luck next time…” and less like “crap finish the thing!” And I’m sorry. But I have some reasons! And the reasons are that I’ve been working a lot.


I mostly do a really good job of not letting the writing I do for other places on the internet interfere with the writing that I do here. It’s a value to me. But on those days when the baby won’t stop screaming and I’m already behind and everything is going to hell, sometimes I have to make tough decisions. When it’s 3pm and I know for a fact that half of my to-do list isn’t going to get done, I have to start prioritizing things. Sometimes that means I have to prioritize the work that pays the rent. I hate that, but the only way to fix it is to pay me for the work I’m doing here or dismantle capitalism. I am open to either/both.

Anyways, here’s what I’ve been up to.

Over at Romper, I was talking more about the parental labor and equality and why it’s important to me. It was a pretty fun piece to write, because I actually realized in process that what I assumed my reasons are is not exactly what my reasons actually are. That is, sure, I don’t want to get saddled with all of the parenting work in part because it’s not fair for me, but also because a more equitable parenting relationship is better for my wife and my kid. Then, I did maybe the weirdest thing I’ve ever done, and cooked with breastmilk and then wrote about it.

For Ravishly, I took a deep dive into identity issues, and attempted to parse out why I consider myself more of a housewife than a stay at home mom. I also got into an issue I’ve been trying to write about for years, which is the connection there is (for me) between my feminism and my love of feral cats. I’m incredibly grateful to have had a platform to dig into an issue that is so near and dear to my heart!

And then, um, I somehow got an article into The Washington Post? It wasn’t even about parenting or feminism or being a queer either! It’s basically a love letter to a kitchen, specifically the tiniest most “horrible” kitchen I’ve ever had the pleasure of cooking in.

And really, that’s just the stuff that’s gone live recently, there’s more work happening that’s still behind the scenes. I love writing for a living, but it is a lot of work, and not to put too fine a point on it, but all of that stuff listed above? Yeah, it still isn’t actually enough to live off of. So I continue to work around my wife’s work schedule and my baby’s nap schedule. And we’re still just scraping by. If you would like to alleviate any of that, free up more time for me to work on the blog, and you are able, now would be a really great time to support Post Nuclear Era.

And now I have to go, my beautiful child is trying to figure out how to climb over the baby gate to follow our cats into the spare bedroom.

Updates and Announcements!

Hi everybody!

It’s been kind of quiet around here for a couple of weeks. I was doing pretty good about getting a post a week up, but then it kind of fell off. However, fear not, brave readers! Tomorrow morning we resume with a brand new really real post all about families and feelings and terms and such. After that, look for a post approximately every Friday. I’ll do my very best to keep up.


So that’s tomorrow. Today, we’re doing announcements!

First, I am excited to announce that I have my very first piece up over at Ravishly! It’s all about the things that I learned about myself from the hell that was the last year. You should go read it now! Here’s an excerpt:

Now, I have rode a horse exactly once in my memory, and it did not go well. I really don’t feel like I need to relive that embarrassment, actually. For me it wasn’t really about an actual equestrian interest, the horse was just a symbol. I wanted to be a strong and capable pregnant woman, taking the world by storm, possibly while on horseback.

Second, I’m working as a features writer over at! I don’t have any pieces up on the site quite yet, but I will very soon, so look for me there. I may share a few here from time to time that I think are of particular interest to the post nuclear among us.

Third, and this might seem boring, but I want to draw your attention to the Standards and Policies tab at the top of the page here. We don’t get a ton of comments here on Post Nuclear Era, but they do trickle in from time to time, and I want everyone to know that this is a moderated comment space. I’ll probably flesh out a more detailed comment policy at some point, but for now just know that I reserve the right to delete any comment I think is jerky or mean or that I just don’t like, and that’s not in violation of the first amendment because I am actually not the government.

Ok, happy Thursday!